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    Can we dismiss an employee without informing him if he takes a leave for 15 days without informing us?

    I am HR of a Comics company. One of our employee has taken a leave without informing anyone. And has still not reported the cause of leave. We tried reaching him through ways but he was not available. Itís almost a week and he is absconding. Can we terminate him without giving any warning letter or any other notice? Please guide.

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    Re: Can we dismiss an employee without informing him if he takes a leave for 15 days without informing us?

    You have to follow a procedure to take any action against the employee so directly you can never dismiss him with out any reason of his absence its very important that you know about his where about contact him in the phone and if you find it switch off contact his relatives friends and even send a team to his house and serve a notice to their family members and take their received signature.. You should inquire all the facts to take any action against.. An employee is an integral part of an company you cannot directly dismiss him from the company.. Yes its different case you can dismiss him from the company when he does any fraud in the company .. You should be cautions in the management department you should have a talk about the absconding employee with the manager know him first his attitude and his work culture his punctuality his nature with other employees.. You should also consult his companions and colleagues about his where about if you don't even find a clue then you should check his responsibilities given to him did he committed any mistake in his responsibilities or he has compromised with the security and principles of the company.. Its a serious issue you are talking about dismissing him from the company just like that before you do that first trace him and find out the exact reason then you can decide based on the circumstances that you find with him.. Address of correspondence is also a issue and you have to go there and talk to parents if they say they are unaware of his location.. Surely you and an hr of an company have every right that you lodge a missing complaint in the near by police station for being concerned about his security.. Its not the way an employee is missing and finding no trace of him and just dismissing will not serve any purpose you should also think about the safety of an employee also if you find him after the consultations from the police then you can serve letter of warning and give him 3 days to reply if you find him guilty then dismiss him thank you

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    Re: Can we dismiss an employee without informing him if he takes a leave for 15 days without informing us?

    Hello Friend,

    Well, yes you can do that at any time. But as a professional it would be much better for you to give that person a warning letter so that he can understand his fault. These days it is easy to terminate any employee in a private company but you should give him the opportunity to clarify his situation. May be there is some health issue with his family, accidents , he is ill. Unless you have concrete eveidence in your hand you should not sack him. You should wait for time and see what happens to that person.

    The individual has made cardinal mistake of not telling anyone the reasons behind his leave. But still you should wait for him and based on his explanation take necessay actions.


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