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    Can I extend my date of joining by more 15 days?

    I am working in a company as a Management Trainee. I joined this company with a notice period of 3 years. Now I have got an opportunity in another company. They have asked me to join the work in another 15 days. But in present company I have to serve 30 daysí notice period. What should I do? I cannot leave this company and join new company without notice period? Please suggest.

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    Re: Can I extend my date of joining by more 15 days?

    Hello Friend,

    Well, in a corporate world you have to follow and maintain certain rules and regulations. You should first first talk to the HR manager of your company and ask him or her to kindly allow you to serve 15 days notice period so that you can join the other company. But if the HR is not ready to accept your request then you have to contact your new company and ask them to exten 15 days notice period to 30 days. It would be quiete a task to convice the HR manager to accept your appeal but you have to do it as you have no other option in your hand. You need to approach in professional manner to sort out the issue.


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    Re: Can I extend my date of joining by more 15 days?

    Yes you can certainly extend your joining date in new company by another 15 days.
    Call the HR department of your new company and explain your problem.
    It will be better if you write an email as well to the HR explaining the problem in detail.
    They will surely accept your request and your problem will be solved.
    If they do not accept your request then somehow try to manage in your old company.
    You may make some excuse and accommodate.

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    Re: Can I extend my date of joining by more 15 days?

    Dear if new company have demanded to join the job within 15 days then you should follow that but you are under compulsion that you have to complete notice period of 30 days in current company and if you do not do so then you may come under legal case that is why you should complete your notice period of 30 days without any problem and provide your best to the current company so they remember you forever due to your contribution to the company and one more thing is that you have got any opportunity so you should try to make your image better so everyone respect you in future and there should be no issue at all between you and other employees and boss too

    If the new company want you to join after 15 days then you should have 15 more days because you have to complete notice period then only you will get relieving letter from your current company and other experience and achievement certificates that is why you should go to the company that has offered you to join the job soon then write a letter and mention your query and request in that letter to give you more 15 days so you will join that job soon because currently you are not able to manage both things and you need at least 2 weeks to handle everything and surely the management will understand your situation because they are also professional and may understand everything as well that is why you should go there and request and make them believe that you will present all your documents and certificates at that day with relieving letter so company will have no issue

    All the best

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    Re: Can I extend my date of joining by more 15 days?

    You have two option:
    >> You can ask your new company to give you extension in the joining date
    If they agree than you can join after 30 days
    In this way you can serve notice period of 30 days

    >> If you new company does not give you extension in the joining date than in that case you can leave the present company after 15 days only and pay the money for rest 15 days

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