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    Boss insists on attending out of town workshops on own expense

    My boss always insists on attending workshops in other cities. For the same, I will not be given any allowance. I work 20 hours a day for the sake of my career but such demands make survival difficult.

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    Re: Boss insists on attending out of town workshops on own expense

    Hi friend

    Your boss is certainly wrong in his approach towards his employees and should definitely show more sympathy towards them. After all they are also humans and thus need proper rest and even finances for their survival. HE should be responsible enough to help his employees rather than creating troubles for them. He should definitely give you allowance for attending workshops in other cities as you are doing this to improve your skills which will be good for the sake of the company only. So your company should take responsibility and pay your expenses in this case.

    Also you should not overstress yourselves so much by working for 20 hours a day because it vcan badly affect your health and lead to some common stress-related ailments. So take proper rest and sleep and then only you will be able to perform optimally in your work. Talk to your regarding the matter of your allowance for attending workships and I am sure he will understand your plight. Also tell him how you have to work 20 hours a day for earning your livelihood , so atleast he should help you by giving you your due.

    I am sure your boss will understand your plight and thus will accept your request. Good luck and Thanks

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    Re: Boss insists on attending out of town workshops on own expense

    Hai,As you are attending the workshop on behalf of your company work its clear that your boss should pay the expenses including your refreshment charges also..This this point into his mind and deniey to pay from your pocket..Either boss is unaware of it..So convince him..Thank you..

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    Re: Boss insists on attending out of town workshops on own expense

    Dear guest,

    first of all I am sorry for your unfortunate event. Anyhow I don't think that you are fully aware of the rules set by companies. You must be aware that usually there is a provision for allowances in companies if the employee has to go out regarding the companies work. You will be reimbursed provided you submit your travel expense details like bus tickets,lunch bills,water bills etc... The company has to provide it and they can't just back off from that. Kindly do submit the same either accounts dept. Or the HR faculty of your company.

    Further if such a provision is not there then it surely is unfortunate for such a thing to happen. Anyways you can do a different approach. Next time your boss assigns you such a task talk to him then and there about your expenses. Even if that doesn't yield then you can collect the necessary expense bills and show it to your boss and ask him to compare with your salary. Further you can even produce the same to the HR manager or even during the meetings. If there is any union then you can point the same over there.

    Good luck..
    Thank you..

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