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    Being given a lot of extra work during the notice period

    I am working in a private firm. I had to resign due to some bad experiences in the company. Now when I am serving my notice period , my boss has overburdened me with a lot of extra work and is now threatening to extend my notice period if I don’t complete it. How to deal with such a situation?

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    Re: Being given a lot of extra work during the notice period

    Hi buddy

    Your boss certainly has no right to extend your notice period as it is against the rules and regulations of your company. He is just trying to threaten you and that's all. You should not accept defeat in this case and try to raise your voice against him. Don't let him overstress you in this way as that is not good for your health as well as for your work. Talk to him and thus try to find a solution to this problem.

    Tell him that you have noticed that he is trying to overburden you with work due to some personal indifferences . You will not tolerate such a thing as this is not fair. He has no right to extend your notice period and should not behave with you in such a way. He should misuse his power in such a way. You hope that he understands your point otherwise you would be forced to report to the higher authorities. You are doing your best and that is the best you can do.

    I am sure your boss will feel ashamed of himself and thus will never do this again. good luck

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