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    After how many years of service one can be eligible to become the CEO of the company?

    I am a coordinator of this company. I have completed my one years of service. My aim is to become CEO of this company. How many years of experience I need to become the same? Does it really depend on our experience or on our talent, qualification and many other things?

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    Re: After how many years of service one can be eligible to become the CEO of the company?

    Dear your goal is really appreciable and best of luck that you achieve it very soon because people join the companies and jobs in their life just to get a satisfactory and good paying job and this is the quality of only few people that they think to get more responsibilities in life and make their name in the list of top employees ever and I have seen a very good quality in you that you think for something big that is not expected by others so I am sure that if you work concentratively and consistent in the performance then no one can stop you to become the CEO of the company at a day because talent, experience, achievements and remembering tasks are important to be shortlisted for this rank that is why you should do something good that has never done in history and your extraordinary talent and skills will give you this job but before that you have to earn experience and a lot of success at your current post because if you find yourself able to be best on each position that you get before being CEO and prove that you are the best coordinator or manager or general manager ever then higher management will think about you for more duties

    Be sure about your work that whatever you are doing for the company will absolutely be good and right for future and that should be praised by the higher authorities and be dedicated in your work to the company and give your best to the business because if any employee is good for the company then company never wants him to leave because he contribute a big part of profit that is why you should be good in all the office then be best at zonal level then finally you have to target entire location where branches of your company situated and prove that you are really best at work and everything else about responsibilities and nothing is possible without labour and consistency and pure dedication so you should do that

    * Before starting your career you should complete your all educational qualifications that are necessary to reach at that post and your objective should only be to become CEO and focus the main subject of your company that where it works then get more and in depth knowledge about that stream so you will get more confidence for challenges

    * You should give more time to learning new things in business and mainly about Human Resources and Finance so you will take everything easy to handle if you get any duty in future

    * Make good connections and relations with your colleagues, boss, manager, RM and GM as soon as possible and you should be identified because of your work and behavior in the company so everyone will remember you and think positive

    * You should keep your views positive and as a leader that one day you will start your own company and take everything easily so this thinking will empower you to work more for something

    * Be official in everything and everywhere because sometimes we act general at difference places so keep your attitude in control and do not worry and regret after being transferred to another branch and wherever you go then you should understand that what the boss wants and work according to him

    * If you get selected for any panel of experts or committee of experienced employees to suggest better ways to improve the business and take the company out of loss then you should suggest ideas as this is your personal company and you are getting loss so this will be the dedication and proof of your nature that you want to improve this company soon

    * Finally you should understand and take more knowledge about the functions, responsibilities, activities that what a CEO does on his/her job and if something is good then follow that what quality makes him a big leader and try to get more knowledge from there profile that what they have done that the company is successful and how they did that so you can learn more about that

    * Trust on your experience that you have earned in past and get ready to use that for betterment of the company and if you get the chance to become leader of any committee then use that chance as you are going to be future CEO

    * Analyze and research more over the demand of the market and clients and what facilities are there in your company for clients and also know the atmosphere of working in the company that whether employees are getting enough facilities or not then suggest the management to improve weak parts of the company

    * Keep your all connections active with other higher officers and authorities and well known businesses of the market so they will be there to give some better ways for improvement and this will create very good atmosphere of business in that area

    Trust in yourself and trust in god that one day you will become and do not get tired of working more and surely you will get this target

    All the best

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    Re: After how many years of service one can be eligible to become the CEO of the company?

    To become a CEO of any company there is no fixed time or tenure
    It all depends on your performance and qualities
    The first thing is that you should do your existing role in a exceptional way
    Show something extra
    Show some leadership qualities
    You should have exception analytical skills

    Keep on doing these things and you would be able to achieve your goal

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