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    Worried about the future because of not getting any pension

    I am working in a private firm. I have been working here for the past 20 years but my salary has not been that much. I am now really worried about the future of me and my wife as we live alone without anyone to look after us. Also there is no provision of pension as it is a private job. What should I do to secure our future?

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    Re: Worried about the future because of not getting any pension

    hello ..

    Friend start investing your money. As you are worried about your future because there is no pension so you have to do something that can give you something about after your job. You should start investing you money. You can also take loan from bank and start your own small business as the basis of your salary. Remember one thing that only investing your money will help you in your future. You can also take help from any close friend in starting of your business , that will secure your future.


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    Re: Worried about the future because of not getting any pension

    There are number of option where you can invest small amount of money every month for your future. You can open an SBI PPF account which is giving you every year a interest of 8.5 per year. OR you can invest in LIC pension plan with a little amount.In sbi PPF there is a option of crediting all amount after certain period so you can also start your business.

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    Re: Worried about the future because of not getting any pension

    Depending upon your financial status right now you should start planning for getting a permanent source of income outside from your job.

    For that you can adopt various ways:

    Like you can invest your money in different bank pension schemes, post office schemes.

    Also you can invest in insurance policies by the name of your wife as you are saying that you both have nobody to look after you both.

    If you or your wife can teach than it would be better that you can open small tuition center for kids or any thing related like it.

    If it is possible than you can also start a small grocery shop/book shop/stationary shop nearby your house or any other small investing business where you can

    earn and also simultaneously can live an active life by involving your self in work, like as you are working in day you can sit in shop at evening time for like 3

    4 hours as per your comfort and till you get retired you will have a well established work for your living. There are many people that run there shop in the

    evening, there are also peoples that open shops just at weekends.

    As you won't be having a pension you must start thinking to generate alternate sources of income.

    But one thing you should keep take any decision only after full investigation, doing anything hastily can cause you loss.

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    Re: Worried about the future because of not getting any pension

    hello friend
    first don't be think negative because that you are not the only one who work in the government jobs many of the peoples are working in the private jobs and let me tell you in detail that from now their is no pension in the government field also so it's my request to you sir is that first of all think positive . from know what you have to do is that applying for the insurance companies because now a days days most of the insurance will claim of your family before you will be here or not they will give the money for the studies to your child.
    so don't lose the hope.
    thanking you..

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