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    Works to be done during internship in hospital? Duration of internship?

    I am an A level student and want to do internship during these summer vacations.
    I want to get some information about doing internship in a hospital:
    what sort of work will i be required to do in the hospital?
    For how long should the internship last?
    I hope u will guide me best about how to proceed with it.

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    Chittaranjan Array
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    After the completion of mbbs course all dr's are to do internship and house job before getting appointment letter.without doing intern ship and housejob they are not eligible for job.during the period of intern ship they are to join in a hospital to do intern ship.first they assist senior dr and follow them also they are to follow senior's instruction attentively thus day by daycessf they become sucul dr.

    Duration of internship is one year.

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    Madhu M Array
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    Re: Works to be done during internship in hospital? Duration of internship?

    Hi..This is a very good question for me as i will also be starting my internship soon..So i can easily guide you what all happens during the internship in a hospital..Firstly i think to join for internship in a hospital you have to pass all your exams of the MBBS course...Then only you will be eligible for your internship..

    The internship is a 1 duty in any recognized hospital by the MCI..Preferably students prefer to join the hospital attached to their own college..During this you have to do duties in various dept like Paediatrics, gynaecology, medicine , surgery, comunity medicine etc..These are the major ones..Basically your main work during the internship is taking Blood samples..You have to take a patients blood sample for various tests like haemogram, coagulogram, sugar, LFT's etc and send them to the various concerned labs..Always take precautions like doing it under aseptic conditions and wearing gloves etc..

    The next major work you have to do is Starting a Blood transfusion set..Here you have to be very carefully and crossmatch all the details before you start the blood as any wanted reaction can take place..If caught you can also be taken to court,,Always match the patient's Blood Group..

    Then other things which you do are Taking Blood Pressure, Pulse; Filling various kind of forms like of Blood tests, x-ray, ecg , pathology samples etc, Inserting and Removing catheters..

    Then you have to also work in EMERGENCY that of the Medicine and Surgery dept for 2 months (which is included in the 1yr duration) where you have to be extra cautious..

    My advice to you would be to always follow your seniors advice and take help whenever necessary..Dont shy away from taking help as your Patients life is the most important to you..

    Good luck friend

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