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    Working from last 5 years without appointment letter

    I am working for the company from last 5 years but till i have not recieved the appoinment letter. I amasking from scratch..but they are spending the time and not responding and HR peoples are changing frequently...and i spoke to management also but they are not responding...i am not single person like dis..we have so many workers worjing like this....what to do plz suggest me

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    Re: Working from last 5 years without appointment letter

    Hi friend,

    This is riduculous. Am sorry this happens to you. Why you are baring with that company. Appointment letter is the one which have all the rules and regulations of the company, your package details etc. It is actually the proof of your employment.

    If you want to change company that letter is mandatory. So form as a union and discuss with higher management. If they are not responding simply quit that job. Complain about the company in employment forum, they will take appropriate action.

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    Re: Working from last 5 years without appointment letter

    Re:Working from last 5 years without appointment letter

    Hi friends,

    I think this is the worst thing in your life.
    Why you are join without appointment letter.
    The most important of appointment letter because it mention the company rules and regulation.
    This letter identify your work in your company.
    You can show your proof of your employment.
    So you can ask the your HR.
    I think your HR not responding you can leave the job.
    You can complain to the police station also.


    GOOD LUCK.............

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    Re: Working from last 5 years without appointment letter

    dear friend,
    this is a critical situation for you.Because that appointment letter is the only legal proof that shows you worked for that company. so, you have to ask it with a little bit hard ways.
    as you said their are other employees who doesn't have the appointment letter.then gather them and goto the HR's office and try to tell him your situation.as you are working for them from last 5 years.they will definately listen to you as they really don't want to lose their such an experinced person.

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