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    Wish to switch over companies in good terms

    I have been working with a multinational company for the last 7 years. Recently, I have received a good lucrative offer with its sister concern company. I want to resign on a good term. My working conditions have been good till date. I wish to switch off companies in good terms. Please suggest a way.

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    Re: Wish to switch over companies in good terms

    Switching of jobs is a common trend in modern world.There is no harm in switching of jobs if one finds better job prospects in some other company,But you should remember to not break the ties completely with the company where you are presently working.It is essential to maintain a cordial relationship with the company from where you will switch to another firm.This will not only help in maintaining a good contact network in the professional world but can also be a benefit for you in the future.So,you should follow a certain procedure before switching.

    -First discuss your matter of switching with your boss.
    -Explain him the cause and its necessity for you.
    -Ask him what you should before leaving and for switching.
    -Submit a resignation letter stating politely and in a humble manner the true reasons of your resignation.
    -Thank your boss for his/her support.
    -Complete the tasks assigned to you successfully before resignation.

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