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    Will it be a wise decision to work in a non reputed foreign company?

    I have completed my post graduation in Finance Management and a foreign company has offered me a job. I have no experience and also do not know the financial growth of the recruiter. So I am a bit afraid how will I handle the job as it is not much related with Finance sector also. Can you please help me in this regard by giving your valuable suggestions?

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    Re: Will it be a wise decision to work in a non reputed foreign company?

    I believe for doing this job, you don't have to go abroad! If the company has a branch or branches within India only where you will asked to join, then you can accept the proposal and try your luck. But if you are asked to go abroad and work there, then I will suggest you to refuse the offer, as I think it may not be suitable for you, in monetary terms.Lack of experience on your part may turn out something bad for you. You have no idea what sort of a company it is, and have no idea about its financial growth, so I will suggest you not to make such experimentation. If it is in India itself, then you can give a try, have some experience working there for a year or so. Mean while you can look for options in other companies, once you get it, leave this one!

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    Re: Will it be a wise decision to work in a non reputed foreign company?

    Hello Friend,

    Well, you should not hesitate and grab this job offer. These days jobs are hard to get by and you have to use this golden opportunity to enhance your skills. As fresher it is essential that you work and learn from experience. Company's reputation will not play a big role but your skill will in the near future. You should expand your career horizon and try to look for new alternatives. These days cross functional domain expertise are regarded as a virtue so you don't need to worry too much about your job profile. You should concentrate on your work and try to finish your task much before time so that you can do other work as well. Learn from this new job opportunity and make a great start to your career.


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    Re: Will it be a wise decision to work in a non reputed foreign company?

    You should really take a decision with regard of your career growth and the step you take should always benefit your growth in the company as well.. generally you should check for the credentials of the company the service and product development of the company.. a company is judged upon the number of clients and services that a company provides.. you are a fresher in finance management which is very good and you will find really a challenging job profile in finance role generally when you join a company you will have to work as a trainee firstly you will have to pass certification to get a post of business analyst or an financial analyst there is no way of shortcut to reach a profile of financial analyst no question of not learning any development techniques of business management so be prepared to face the challenges in job profile sometimes you might not get any desired job profile but you cannot compromise on issues with are not related with work profile.. I mean it very clearly if your not given a job in finance sector in a company then its not advisable to work in unrelated work profile.the fact is your foundation is financial management at least you can work in a company which gives a profile as trainee or management trainee in the financial sector of a company so its important you concentrate more on job role in a company its really difficult to find job if you donít get job on campus where you have done you MBA in financeÖ company do matters a bit but never compromise on job role like these days company gives a student with finance as their background a job in marketing this is where the actual decision a student really needs to take a bold and decisive decision the decision he needs to take is a NO as it might be difficult but you have to take it as the company made you compromised on job role now its really disappointing work where you are not suited for the job..

    Now its important you keep on searching for job for reputed companies like wipro infosys tcs where finance has importance and the zeal should prevail in it .. company should also give you encouragement in getting you passed in special courses like sap business modules in financial solutions or there is a chance to work in IT field as an P&C insurance consultant..Regarding your job in an unreputed company foreign company is concerned I would say that you check the particulars of the company and their background the services that company render to its clients the facts of the companyís interest to make its employees reliable independent of policy making .. and also you should find out whether company will hep its employees to get growth in company with long term benefits like overseas development projects your chance of certainty of project development..If you donít get job in a reputed company then you can consider the job in unreputed company foreign company also if you find the job role very good suited with your financial subjects so its better but you should never stop your search in getting into very good company like erst and young financial company tcs these are global best companies where you can grow to level of senior financial consultant ..

    How you work in an unreputed foreign company: generally in small or unreputed companies the work you do is very much precious you tend to learn a lot by learning more in unreputed companies its true because in small companies the training session is given more preference and work pressure is more than in mnc companies like tcs Accenture consultancy companies.. in unreputed companies you will have to work for soo long period of hours there by you gain some experience when time is bad or if market conditions are not good getting top mnc companies would be difficult so you can work for experience even in unreputed companies no problem but doing nothing is worst so I suggest you keep all your options open and wide when ever you get an opportunity to work in good moderate mnc companies go for it have decent work experience of 2 years and then try to aim top mnc companies..

    My suggestion to you is I really feel you try with your hard work in securing job in consultancy companies like TCS ACCENTURE AND DELOITTE these companies can give you the wings to fly and achieve all the success be optimistic of your career growth. In consultancy service companies financial solutions are very good and you could become financial consultant in about 5 years I give you the assurance and belief work now in unreputed company right now if you donít get good job right now donít worry get some knowledge in the foreign company besides you pass certifications of financial solutions and services which companies take into consideration with experience all the best for your career my regards thank you have a nice day..

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