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    Will my passport expenses be charged by my company?

    There was an address mistake in my passport.The passport was made arranged by my company. Now the authorities are charging me 5000 bugs to renew the passport. Will my employer pay for the same or not? How can I claim the amount?

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    Re: Will my passport expenses be charged by my company?


    There are no hard and fast rules that the company is going to pay for it.I hope the mistake was not on your part,but mistake on part of the PASSPORT AUTHORITIES.If the mistake was on your part,then I will not suggest you to ask for reimbursement of the same from the company.If it was a mistake on their part,then inform your higher authorities about it mentioning that you will be charged 5000 for renewing it.Your company may consider the issue and pay you for that.Talk to your boss and try to convince him.

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    Re: Will my passport expenses be charged by my company?

    Dear when you were applied for the passport through you company then you must have mentioned the correct address which should be visible on the passport but if it is a mistake of your company then you should go to the manager of your company and ask them for support and help because you have not done this mistake and if they are asking for money then you should not give them money and tell them that you have not done this and this has been done by the authorities of the company so that why i pay for evaluating it again and if they do not accept your agreement then you should not force them because you are in a private company and if you would do it then you may get the image loss so that you should pay the charge which is legally required for it

    All the best

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    Re: Will my passport expenses be charged by my company?

    Its unfortunate that such a small mistake is costing you Rs. 5000. At the same time I am not very sure whether your employer will pay this amount. If the mistake is on the part of the passport authorities then you should ask the passport authorities to pay for it. You can ask them the same because the mistake is on their part and you will not pay for that. You should appeal to them and ask them to rectify their mistake.

    If the mistake is on your part then you will have to bear the expenditure. You cannot ask the employer to pay for the same because he has already paid once and this is not his fault if you made a mistake while writing the address. I am sure that you will also agree with the fact that the employer is not to be blamed for this kind of error. He should not be made to pay for your mistake.

    The company did its share of duty by paying for your passport for the first time. But the second time the company is not under any kind of obligation to do the same. I am sure that there must be some clause in the agreement regarding the same. I hope that you understand the situation and act in a mature manner. If you end up paying for your fault then it will be a lesson for your future. You will not repeat this kind of mistake in important documents like passport.

    All the best for your future.

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