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    Will the Medical Leave be paid in company?

    I have recently joined in one of the leading MNC company and I am quite not sure about the medical leave because I need to take at least 2 months for an important operation. So my question is will I be paid for the Medical leave which I am going to take? If so how much will I be paid? The normal salary or less than that?

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    Re: Will the Medical Leave be paid in company?

    Hi friend

    There are various types of leaves that a company gives to its employees during a certain duration of time like casual leave, sick leave. PL etc. And one of them is medical leave . Every person can get sick or can suffer from a serious medical condition and thus of course during that period he will certainly requirre leave from the company. So the company thus pre-decides how many Medical leaves an employee can avail in a single year. This no. varies from company to company and you should check the company's policies or talk to your HR regarding the same. He will surely guide you in the right direction.

    And you will certainly receive your Full salary during the period of your leave but if you exceed the limit stated by your company then for those extra days you will not receive your pay. Dont worry friend. This operation is of utmost importance to you and thus you should not think of anything else at this time. Go and speak to your HR and he may even extend your leave if needed seeing your situation.

    Have a safe and sucessful operation. Good luck and God Bless

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