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    Will high blood pressure cause risk for getting the job?

    I am worried now, I am just a college pass out and have high blood pressure. Will that cause any problem for me to get a job? Many of my friends saying that they will do some medical checkup and all in the beginning of the job. Is that true? What should I do now?

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    Re: Will high blood pressure cause risk for getting the job?

    Hi..I dont think that having high blood pressure will affect your chances of getting a good job..Ya surely most of the companies perform the medical checkup of their selected employees before giving them their joining letter but i dont think that high blood pressure will have to do anything with your job..They will only reject you if you have some medical ailment which will affect your performance in your job or which can be aggravated by the nature of your job like extremely weak eyesight or some major ailment like epilepsy etc..

    Hypertension i.e. increased BP is a very common medical condition now-a-days and occurs mainly due to our stressful lifestyle these days..So it is very common in many people these days , so you should not worry much about this affecting your job..Dont take too much stress and tension as this is not good for you..Take your medicines regularly which is the most important for you..

    Dont worry you will get a good job if you have the talent..Good luck friend

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    Re: Will high blood pressure cause risk for getting the job?

    Dear friend blood pressure is not the disease which can stop your career.You need not worry you silently peacefully consulting with a good doctor you can normal your blood pressure very soo.So you with confidence you can face interview/check up freely.This disease is curable so that during the time of medical check up at the time of interview it transpire you have pressure then it is not right to think that you will be omitted from the list.

    Thank you.

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    Re: Will high blood pressure cause risk for getting the job?

    hello friends..

    @high blood pressure is going to get the good job

    @ most of the companies before joining verifies the they medical check up certificates

    @try to decrease your Blood pressure it is not good for your health

    @it will not give any job to you

    all the best

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