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    Will bonus amount affect the performance of the company?

    I am working in a small software company. I have been working here from past 2 years. I have got bonus correctly for these 2 years. My company’s market status is good. I want to know whether is bonus depends on the profit of the company totally. If the company does not perform well, then does it affect the bonus of the employees?

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    Re: Will bonus amount affect the performance of the company?

    Yes bonus depends upon the benefits of the company. Employees of a certain company are paid bonus along with their salary when the company faces windfall gains or profits more than expected. The bonus is paid according to the contribution made by the employee towards the company. The financial strength of the company is the sole motivator of bonus paid, thus when the company faces losses or when the profit is not returned as usual or as expected the paid bonus will be affected(deducted). Therefore whenever your bonus is affected just remember that the financial strength or condition of the company has altered.

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    Re: Will bonus amount affect the performance of the company?

    Dear questioner: Your statement whether bonus amount effect company's performance.

    Now i can discuss the matter point wise

    1.company pay's bonus to it's employees as per performance of the company.

    2.the quantity and declaration of bonus is done on the basis of net income/profit of the company.

    4.so,bonus amount can not stop the performance of the company if it is given optimally,no doubt it gives energy to employee to do work skill fully and helps to recruit skilled labor/employee.

    If the employer think if i do not give bonus instead i utilise the fund for growth then as per performance bigger amount to be earned,

    as per industries view it will give energy and fetch peace/friendly relations toward employee and employer as a result real growth will arrive at the company.

    Thank you,

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    Re: Will bonus amount affect the performance of the company?

    Hi... I certainly think that the bonus or other benefits a company gives to its employees certainly depends on the profits which the company is making which determine the financial position of your company..

    Thus if your company's position is good financially it will continue giving you the various benefits like profit but in case its position falls or it suffers a financial setback then surely it will decrease or remove your bonus completely as it will not have adequate resources then to provide you with such benefits..

    I hope you understood.. Best of luck and Thanks

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    Re: Will bonus amount affect the performance of the company?

    Hi friend,

    Yes my dear friend,the bonus given to the employees does depend on the performance and profit made by the company.
    If the company fair out good,then it gives out bonus to the employees to encourage them to continue in the similar manner and put in more hard work.
    It is a mark of appreciation.

    So keep working hard and earn more and more bonus!
    Best of Luck!

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