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    Which will be the best company to invest in order to buy their shares?

    I am a businessman and now want to enter the field of share market. I want to invest in shares. I have a capital of around 10 lakhs but I am unable to decide which would be the best company to invest in. Please share some professional advices.

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    Re: Which will be the best company to invest in order to buy their shares?

    Dear guest,

    Well investments, as you know are subjected to market risks if you indulge them in share market. As of just today if you observe the markets in US, Japan etc have risen, and only Indian sensex took the beating. Some other day you will find dat Indian markets will do great.

    A company can't be predicted as to which will make you tons of profit. But my advice is that you invest in a company that fluctuates, not the one which remains stagnant. You can even do shorting of your investment..

    for that you need to observe the market daily for at least half a year before entering it. Even an expert fails to recognise which company will fair the next day..

    For your observation, go to sites like moneycontrol.com or motilaloswal.com

    Thank you and good luck.

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    Re: Which will be the best company to invest in order to buy their shares?

    investment in shares is a very nice idea, but it is just not that easy to bet onto your money in the share market. In order to get the knowledge about investment, you first of all need to get through all the information of the company in which you are likely to invest. Read their market trends of about an year and see their share’s performance in the market along with also give a deep study to the financial growth and the major decisions of the company, and once you are satisfied, then go to your personal share broker and have a piece of advice from him and then only you should invest your money in a particular company.
    Gud luck

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    Re: Which will be the best company to invest in order to buy their shares?

    Dear Friend,
    At first i would like to tell you, there are simply two types of putting money into the market
    1. Investment
    2. Trading

    You must have a clear idea of both these terms before going ahead.

    Investment is when you buy shares of a company by seeing its past performances, and future growth over a long time. When you invest in a company, you wait for your fortunes to grow along with the company over the years.

    Trading on the other hand is called momentum or news based call, or predicting the share price of company in immediate future i.e. in next few days and put money into that company.

    Trading is only for professions in the field and a clear no for outsiders or newcomers in the business. So, i would recommend you not to do trading, as you may incur huge losses.

    You should visit moneycontrol.com, money.rediff.com or economictimes.timesofindia.com for few days and read the opinion of experts. Alternatively, you can watch business channels also. After few days, you will have some idea of good companies to invest in. Don't put money in small and new companies, it is very very risky. Invest your money in large companies who you think will grow in future and have good past record. Also, it is very important to divide your money into different companies and different sectors to lower your risk.

    All investments are subject to market risks, but if you are lucky, you can see your money multiply in few years only.

    I hopw you will be lucky. All the best!!!

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