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    Why performance appraisals depend upon time of work?

    Experience in years in professional environment counts a lot in career growth. One has to be really patience as one is successful after long years of hard work.But canít it be possible that if a person has work efficiency to his best excellently then he can grow with past pace?

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    Re: Why performance appraisals depend upon time of work?

    Yes. Much importance is given to work efficiency of the employee while considering the appraisals in the organization.

    Companies need smart workers as well as hard workers.

    Smart workers are in the sense, they have to finish the work accurately.

    And they have to finish that work in very less time.

    This will lead to the increase in the productivity of the organization.

    If an employee's work efficiency is not so good, obviously he will not be rated well in the organization.

    So, try to be strong enough in your work efficiency.

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    Re: Why performance appraisals depend upon time of work?

    Hi, experience matters a lot in professional environment..It is because you would have got a lot of exposure to real time environment..But it does'nt mean that one who is professionaly fit would be delayed on his performance..Talents will always be recognised..Have hope and go on with your career..All the best:-).

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    Re: Why performance appraisals depend upon time of work?

    Performance appraisals will be carried out to measure the performance of an employee for a period of time.

    Over a period of time, how the employee has performed will be taken into consideration.

    Things like

    His coordination
    work efficiency
    query resolution
    communication wit the clients will be compared over the standards.

    Meeting of standards will give good rating for him.

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