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    Why PAN card is essential while receiving the salary?

    I am a new recruitment in TCS. I going to complete my first month. I asked the payment medium to the HR and he said that it will be directly transferred into my account through net. So I must provide the bank account number, PAN card number and its details. When I told him that I have applied for PAN card but not yet received, he warned me that there will be some deduction in my salary. I want to know why there will be deduction for not having PAN card number?

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    Re: Why PAN card is essential while receiving the salary?

    hello buddy.. there is no rule of the salary deduction without the PAN card. u just track ur PAN card from internet and just Give them the PAN Card number only. when the PAn card will be deliver to u. give them xerox to them.dnt take any tention there can not be any dedution in ur salary

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    Re: Why PAN card is essential while receiving the salary?

    Permanent account number is required for TDS and being is deducted continuously from the salaries of the employee and its also necessary for the returns become due to be filed every year and also the same has to be quoted in the Income Tax Return to be filed at the end of the financial year. P.A.N. may also be needed to be quoted on other various important documents;So every employee may intimate his PAN to the Finance Chief,failing which the tax deducted from his salary may not be properly accounted and he may not get credit for the tax deducted from his salary. Regards

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    Re: Why PAN card is essential while receiving the salary?

    PAN stands for the permanent account number , whenever you oprn any account then you need to give the PAN card for that so the incometax department will know that how many accounts you have and how mush is your income and how much tax you are providing to the government .
    So it is totally managed by the income tax department so this is trhe answer for the PAN card reuirement .
    You said that your HR said that your salary will be deducted if you not provide the pan card or account number .
    This is totally wrong, If you not have a account and now you have applied for the PAN card the no company can deduct your salary as it is written in your joining letter that salary you will get.
    They will make the cheque of the amount of your salary and then they will give it to you.
    And that cheque you need to deposit in the account that you have opened with your name.
    If HR is speaking like this then you should go to the general manager and explain the problem.

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    Re: Why PAN card is essential while receiving the salary?

    Hello friend
    my suggestion is to you that you have to consult to you higher authority that have they also give their pan card while receiving the salary if they said yes to you then may this is their rule of tcs but if this only happens with you then what you have to do Is that write a application and sent it to you hrd department write in the application they sir why you are asking my pan please give the reason so that I will give my pan card while receiving my salary.
    Thanking you….

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