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    Why overtime for labours not for managerial employees?

    According to factories act there are norms of calculating the overtime and labours salary for which they are extra paid. But why this overtime not been calculated to the managerial level of employees if they are too working for extra hours?

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    Re: Why overtime for labours not for managerial employees?

    Respected you have got a good question but i would like to say that these rules are only implemented to the labour not for managers because of that - You also know that officers and managers are always paid 3-4 times more than the labour and they works good and more but the labour does the real work which the manager may never do and if the manager will try to work as a labour then he/she will take the medical leave and will not return till 15 days from the hospital so that you should not think about this and let them receive whatever they deserves and if you wish to get more then you need to increase your working performance and take your company to the double profit then your company will automatically provide you promotion and salary hikes but you should not think that why you are not receiving the incentives and overtime just like labour and if you wants then you need to become a labourer

    All the best

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    Re: Why overtime for labours not for managerial employees?

    hello sir..!!
    Labour will have fixed salary for the fixed time table. If labour is working extra hours, then there is increase in the production.
    But manager is so called because he has to manage the production quality and quantity according to the client who needs the required products in the required time with out any delay.
    This should be maintained by the manager. And for that purpose, the manager should be professional, talketive, managing all circumstances. For this reason he will be given the more salary compared to labours.


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    Re: Why overtime for labours not for managerial employees?

    Hi aspirant

    You should realise the complexity of this rule and should not challenge it in this way. As you know how hard the labours have to work for earning their livelihood thus they have been given this facility of getting paid for overtime. a manager also has to do a lot of work in these times but they get a huge pay cheque too as compared to the labourer. Also they get many other perks which the labourers don't get.

    In this way if you start asking for being paid for overtime then the labourers can even go to the extent of asking for the perks that ar being provided to you and not them. then there will be no difference between you and them. So you should be satisfied with what you are getting as you have already a lot in your hands than the poor labourers. You should be thanful to God for what you are getting and not be greedy for getting everything.

    I hope that you have understood my point. Good luck and Thanks

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