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    Why less salary hike when experience is more?

    I really wonder why this is happening in my company because the salary hike given for the employees who have more experience is very very less when compared with the fresher or a employee with 2 years experience. Why itís happening like that? Whether itís only for my company? or itís in all the companies? Give me more details about this.

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    Re: Why less salary hike when experience is more?

    Hi..I think this is not fair but i think there maybe a reason as employees who start afresh gets more salary hikes initially when they are given the hike for the first time..But as you start getting more hikes the amount of hikes keep on decreasing like when you get your 3rd or 4th hike its certainly less than what you got in the first time..

    e.g. If your initial salary is rs. 25000 and when you get hike for first time it is increased to 32000 which means a hike of rs. 7000 but when you get a hike the 2nd time it will be certainly less like 36000 i.r a hike of only rs. 4000

    I hope you got my point..But if you are getting it for the first time after so much experience and then it is less than the new employees with less experience it is certainly wrong and you should certainly complain your management regarding this unjust practice because i dont think it happens anywhere else..

    Go and tell your management that you deserve more hike as you have more experience than others who are getting more hikes and i hope they will entertain you otherwise join some other job where they treat you better..

    Good luck..Happy Diwali

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