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    Why is a fresher always paid less?

    The market scenario for available jobs is not hidden from anyone which has become too competitive. Being so much of talent in market, why a fresher who too possess the same talent paid less every time he/she searches for a job?

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    Re: Why is a fresher always paid less?

    There are various reasons for less payment to freshers.However,this is not the case always.In this world of competition the best talents are still honoured and given high salary.There are various foreign companies that searches the best talents and pays them well.Rest of the fresher are given less wages.There are various reasons to this:-
    -A candidate cannot be judged completely by few interviews.
    -The ability of handling pressure by the fresher is still a question mark during recruitment.
    -The fresher needs some time for adjustment in the environment of work culture of the professional world.
    -The fresher also needs to time to be comfortable with the office work.
    -The company's profit is also a matter of concern.
    Thus so many assumptions are involved in recruitment of the freshers.Hence they are paid less as compared to experienced ones.

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    Re: Why is a fresher always paid less?

    Hello,Fresher always paid less because these candidates are new to the technologies.They need proper guidance and also training to work.So in most of the companies will allot less salary for new Freshers...

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    Re: Why is a fresher always paid less?

    hello friend It is not TRUE that all fresher employees get low wages.Salary matter depends on candidate's quality of learning, education, need etc.I give you a little example like a student of a college .when a classmate who has been living or studying same kind but luckily a student got campus placement and other got through applying mathod or walk in same company but salary is deferred why because who got campus placement is better in working or has better academic records.so we should not think that a freshe get low salary.any company does not waste money on new employees because he/she has no full knowledge of working so they provide a training or guidelines for new comer and such reasons new employees or fresher get low wages till the learning.when they become mature in working, will get a handsome salary.all the best

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    Re: Why is a fresher always paid less?

    fresher is paid less because he is not fully trained and company should give him training regarding project requirement only...EXPERIENCE is very important in companies for salary hike and future career growth and development of your position.. as your fresher it means employee of 0 experience only.. how can you ask for more salary as a fresher its not justified in asking more salary.. once you get good experience of 2-3 years then you will definitely get salary hike and good position in company also... and also don't worry there are performance appraisal it means your performance is evaluated and your good job skills and work done in project work is evaluated and you salary is hiked as per company rules and regulations only every year your salary is hiked like this only ......all the best

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    Re: Why is a fresher always paid less?

    fresher is always paid less because risk involved in giving sensitive information to fresher is alot.
    so to compensate it with monetary value, fresher is paid less.
    second thing comes is that fresher doesn't know how to work in that organization, he need to get aware of things,
    extra man power is needed to train him. extra resources are needed, and often fresher gives problem in starting during learning the things. so to compensate with all this, fresher is paid less.

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    Re: Why is a fresher always paid less?

    Hello friend,
    freshers are paid less than any experienced one because:-
    >>it consists a lot of risk on providing the important info of the company..
    >>freshers doesn,t know much about the company.. firstly we have to train them..
    >>during freshers they have to firstly train them or in learning phase..
    >>experience also played a very vital role.. since fresher doesn't have any experience..
    that's why they paid less..


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