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    Why Aadhaar Cards are important for employment?

    Please specify the guidelines and benefits of an Aadhaar Card. Having an Aadhaar Card is just needed in employment or it is needed in some other aspects too? What will be the difference between other documents of such kind like Pan Card and an Aadhaar Card?

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    Re: Why Aadhaar Cards are important for employment?

    Adhar card is an unique Identification card which enables to get subsidy directly to the customers bank a/c opened for the purpose.This card is effective for all adult citizen of India.Where pan card is utilised for the purpose of tax paying citizen and now it is important to open Bank a/c it is an important document without which a banker will disagree to open the a/c. Adhar cards is essential it can help to get Identification for the purpose of employment too.

    With the help of pan card a citizen can not avail Govt.subsidy directly from the GOVT.of India then according to GOI subsidy to be disbursed in future toward rural or urban citizen through Adhar card a/c.Adhar card is very essential in future all person /citizen of India to maintain this card.

    Thank You,

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    Re: Why Aadhaar Cards are important for employment?

    Benefits of Aadhar card ---->
    * Card number is recorded electronic way.
    * Thus easy to track person anytime.
    * Easy to locate your account to this card.
    * Act as identity card.
    * No fraud can be done through these records.


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    Re: Why Aadhaar Cards are important for employment?

    Re: Why Aadhaar Cards are important for employment?

    Hi friends,

    Aadhaar card is unique Identification Card.
    This card present and future is most important of the life.

    This card All over India working and this card useful to the Identification in all over India.

    Aadhaar card benfits:

    1. this card use full for pensions for retired Employees.
    2. scholarship for students.
    3. Gas subsidy.
    4. Identyproof.
    5. Loan.

    So many benfits for Aadhaar.
    I think this is one of the best thought for government.

    So you go for Aadhaar center and submit the application form.


    Good Luck..............

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