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    Whom to contact for cancelling the telephonic interview?

    I have been informed that I have to attend a telephonic interview by tomorrow but the problem is I have a very bad throat pain now and there is no way I can speak out. So can you please tell whom I should contact for cancelling the telephonic interview? How to proceed with my problem now?

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    Re: Whom to contact for cancelling the telephonic interview?

    Hi buddy

    It is really hard luck that you cannot attend the telephonic interview on the day which was finalised for your interview. But you should not worry as you will certainly be able to attend it later on if you inform the same to your company and give them the reason for the delay. I think the best person to talk to in this regard will be the HR of the company. I am sure he is the most appropriate person to help you out in this matter.

    You either contact the office throgh telephone or still better go to the company's headquarters and speak to the HR personally. Tell him that you were required to interview a telephonic interview with their company tomorrow but now all of a sudden you have developed a sore throat and thus will not be able to speak out at the interview. Request him to please postpone your interview as you really require this job and dont want to miss the opportunity . I am sure he will consider your request and help you out.

    Good luck

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    Re: Whom to contact for cancelling the telephonic interview?

    hello guest !!

    congrats you have been selected for telephonic interview.
    and sorry to hear you are not able to attend telephonic interview.
    so for the cancellation of your telephonic interview you have to call the secretary/ assistant of that company who fixes the appointment and some of from them too had called you and fixed your appointment.
    so you just call back to him and ask him to cancel your appointment for present and ask him to look for another day if he get agree.

    hope you are satisfied with my answer.

    thanks for posting in EALP.
    pushp ranjan singh

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    Re: Whom to contact for cancelling the telephonic interview?


    you will be contact the particular company HR to cancelling the telephonic interview send a mail or call to him and tell what was the problem why your cancelling the

    interview tell me the clear reasons to him

    all the best

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    Re: Whom to contact for cancelling the telephonic interview?


    You shold contact the HR department immediately and tell them that you
    will not be able to gove the telephonic interview beacause of your throat
    proble. I am sure they will postpond the interview and give you another
    future date for the interview. this things do happen in life so don't panic.


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    Re: Whom to contact for cancelling the telephonic interview?

    hello friends..

    ##contact the HR people to cancelling the your telephonic Interview

    ##send a mail to him for cancellation of your interview

    ##better to call to him and explain your problem for cancelling the interview

    ##he will decide based on your problem

    ##then he will send a mail to him for interview extension date

    all the best

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