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    Who will be responsible if cashier does a mistake?

    I have recently got a job in a nationalized bank. I have been given the post of cashier. This is making me nervous as it is quite a risky post. So I want to know who will be held responsible if there is mistake done by the cashier unintentionally. Will the cahier have to pay from his own pocket if there is something wrong in the accounts?

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    Re: Who will be responsible if cashier does a mistake?

    Hello there !!!

    first of all don't be very confused and scared for the job.
    yes i too accept that it is very risky.
    but you have to manage it.
    since the person who is working as a cashier in any bank is just like you only.
    so, if he is not making any mistake than how you can.

    so, take out the feeling and fear of making nay mistake.
    this will help you to do your job comfortably.

    also, if the cashier make any mistake intentionally than obviously
    he will be responsible for the loss of the bank.

    hope i am clear to you.
    thanks for posting in EALP.
    pushp ranjan singh

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    Re: Who will be responsible if cashier does a mistake?

    Hello Sir ,

    If you are a cashier in the nationalised bank and as you said you have recently taken up this job , then let me first congrtualate you .

    And its but natural that since you are newly appointed you may be certainly nervous .

    But don't worry you will get used to the responsibility and work profile of cashier as time passes by .

    Now firstly let me tell you that A Kings Crown is Always Made of Thorns .

    So as the power comes so comes the responsibility and risk with it .

    So as you are a cashier you have to accept the risk too .

    If there is a mistake done by a cashier unintentionally , then a cashier is alone responsible for it .

    The loss is for the bank and is made up from the cashiers pocket offcourse .

    Now you don't have to lose your heart by hte fear of risk .

    Remember , you are choosen for this post through some intellectual body and they must have seen some spark within you and so only you have been offered this responsibility .

    So have trust on your capabilities and don't lose your self confidence .

    You can do the job successfully . Don't worry .

    All The Best !!!

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