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    Whether applying for a leave lowers my impression against the HR?

    I have joined a company recently with a contract of 2 years. But my brother is going to marry in a fortnight. As we are only two brothers attending this marriage is very important for me. But I do not want lowering of my impression infront of our department HR, So I am unable to decide what to do in this situations.

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    Re: Whether applying for a leave lowers my impression against the HR?

    Hello Friend,

    You have to decide wheather you give priority to your work or family. Your brother's marriage
    is a great occassion for you to take the leave. You will get leave as your excuse is valid so don't
    think too much about your impression infront of the HR. You should talk to him for the leave
    application as soon as possible.


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    Re: Whether applying for a leave lowers my impression against the HR?

    As he is your brother you have a genuine reason for taking a leave. He is your real brother and these things happen once in a lifetime. You cannot leave it. You must talk to your HR and tell him about the same. It would be better if you go with your brothers marriage card and give him an invitation too. This will increase your chance of getting leave easily.

    See such leaves for genuine reasons doesn't effect your impression. If you take leaves regularly without genuine reason and don't show sincerity in your work this will put a negative impression. So instead of thinking much it is time for taking some quick action and talk to your HR about the leave. If in place of you if even your hr was facing the situation he would have also taken the leave.

    Come on man he is your real brother and it is his marriage you must try every thing to get a leave for this.

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    Re: Whether applying for a leave lowers my impression against the HR?

    HR is not a god that you want to impress him, if there is a urgency and you want leave for the same then do not think of your HR , because impressions are not required to make for the HR.
    If you like to make an impression then make it on your boss by your well deeds because your boss will send the appraisal not the HR.
    Leave are provided to every employee and the leave card is also maintained for the same.
    If you have previlage leave then no body can stops you to take leave whether its an urgency or any other reason.
    You can take the leave whenever you want.
    So if you are going to apply for the leave then just go for that and stop thinking rubish.
    These all things are not to get into mind when you required a leave in urgency, there will be many chances when you get the chance to impress the HR.
    HR is nothing more than anything, they are doing that which is ordered by the boss.
    If your boss is happy then everything will be good for you.

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    Re: Whether applying for a leave lowers my impression against the HR?

    Hi, Congratulations for the new job and for your brother's wedding too. Dear, to be very honest, since you are new to the organisation, you should avoid taking any leave as of now and work hard to leave a good impression of yours. However, you have mentioned that you have signed a contract for 2 years so this contract has nothing to do with leaves but it is more like a bond and you need to continue working with your current employer for 2 years. So, you can ask for may be a few days leaves (maximum 2 days). However, if you have plans of taking leaves for more than 2 days, then I would suggest you to sacrifice this desire of yours and focus on your job. I have personally seen people who are two brothers and have not attended marriage if the only brother owing to a new job or an onsite project. So, dear talk to your family also once and ask them extend the date of wedding or keep it over the weekends. Thanks.

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