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    Where does Rural Electrification Corporation Ltd. places their engineers? Whether to join this company or not?


    I am from IIT Delhi..final year Electrical Engineering.
    This company is coming to our campus for recruitment but since i have no information about how the job would be like n where will i get placed..so i am unable to decide whether to apply or not...plz help me out...!!

    I am enclosing here the company profile here...:

    Name of the Company : Rural Electrification Corporation Ltd.
    Website (or any other source of information) : www.recindia.nic.in
    Industry Sector : NBFC
    Brief Write-up on the Company (50-75 words) :
    Rural Electrification Corporation Ltd. is a Nav Ratna Public Sector Undertaking under the administrative control of Ministry of Power and engaged in financing of power Generation, Transmission and Distribution projects .It has its corporate office at New Delhi and eighteen project offices /Zonal offices located in different cities. In order to augment its professional managerial capacity at the induction level of executive grade (E2 level in the provisional IDA
    pay scale of 24900-50500 ; approx. CTC. Rs.10 lakhs), the company is seeking to recruit young engineering professionals from your institute

    Job Designation : Engineer
    Job Description : shall be engaged in project appraisal & monitoring of the projects
    Place of Posting : anywhere across India


    * Performance based bonus is not part of Gross/CTC.
    * Any amount to be disbursed later than the end of first 12 months is not part of Gross/CTC.
    * Gross Salary refers to the amount mentioned in the pay-check issued to the employee. It does not include any kind of deductions like Income Tax, Provident Fund Amount etc.

    Cost to Company : Rs.08 lacs
    Gross : Rs.58,000/- per month
    Perks / Bonus / Incentives : max 40% of basic pay depending upon performance
    Bond or Service Contract : No

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