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    What are the table manners while eating in corporate parties?

    I have joined a big company last year. This year the company will be celebrating its 50 years. So,there will be a big party. I belong to a small town so I am not familiar with the table manners while eating. Can anyone please suggest the table manners that should be maintained while eating?

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    Re: What are the table manners while eating in corporate parties?

    hello ,
    As it will be a big event , i guess it will be very important for you to have some things in mind before you dine in .


    • Never use your hands to eat food . Use a spoon and a fork to have your food .
    • Try not to spill the food out of your plate .
    • Use a napkin wherever required .
    • Restrict the conversation to people adjacent to you .

    • Don’t start conversing with a person sitting far across the table .
    • Use words like .. “ may I “ , “ Could you ” etc while sitting on the table .
    • DO NOT SPEAK WHILE CHEWING . This is the basic mannerism to be followed .

    These are few things to be followed , rest you dont worry , everything will be fine !
    Thank you !

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    Re: What are the table manners while eating in corporate parties?


    I will try to guide you as much as possible.Firstly in official parties you are supposed to wear formal wear ie.suit.If you dont have proper suit then make immediate arrangement from any good shop like Raymonds,Park avenue whichever is convenient for you.Suit should be paired with a proper formal shoe.On the day of the party go there properly dressed in the suit.On the dinner table talk in a lower voice.Dont shout while talking to anyone.If you are not used to having alcohols then avoid it.If your colleagues insist you then you can have champaign or wine but not more than one peg.You have to control yourself in this respect.Then while having food put a napkin onyour lap and then have your food.You are supposed to hold fork on your left hand and knife on your right hand to cut any food.Or Hold spoon on your right hand and fork on left hand .Chew slowly.Dont gobble or swallow any food on the dinner table.Avoid using hand while eating on the dinner table.

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