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    What steps to take if Manager treats employee badly?

    Me and few of my colleagues are facing this problem for very long time because our Manager treats us very badly without any respect. We do the best work but still we don't get any appreciation but just scolding. What should we do now? Can you please suggest what actions can be taken? We are afraid it will be a risk to our job if we openly complain.

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    Madhu M Array
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    Re: What steps to take if Manager treats employee badly?

    Hi..I dont think you should withstand the injustice by your manager and try to fight for your rights and integrity..Your manager has no right to behave with you in such a harsh way when you are giving your best to your company..He should have some sense and rather encourage you so that you even outdo yourself next time which will benefit your company..Such egoistic and bad people should be certainly taught a lesson so that they behave properly with their employees from the next time..

    I think you should not be afraid of losing your job and be brave enough to go and directly complaint regarding your manager's behaviour to the higher authorities..Tell them that how he treats you like if have committed some crime and inspite of you giving your best to the company, doesnt encourage you at all and keeps on scolding you all the time..You are really fed up of him and want some action taken against him..You want to give your best to this company but he is not giving you any reason to do so..So please do something regarding this..

    I am sure your authorities will help you out and you will be happy to start afresh in a good environment..Dont be afraid as its better to leave such job where you have no respect rather than stick to it..So if you complain, it will be for your good only..Hope you have a bright future..Good luck

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    Re: What steps to take if Manager treats employee badly?

    Depend on your skills and hard work count on your experience its time to move on in life with better opportunities and well work culture that always gives you a positive feedback for development.. Sometimes we work hard and with full due sincerity.. But we don't get recognition as because we don't have good impression/boss doesn't like us... In this situation you should congratulate your self boost your confidence explore for better opportunities by applying to many companies with your cv and grab the opportunity move on in life..

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    Re: What steps to take if Manager treats employee badly?

    hello friend...
    Do or die is the old concept.do it before you die is the new one.all fingers in our hand is not same in the same way all people to be fair with you is quite impossible.it's you who made yourself to stand among your fellowmen and in front of your senior faculty.try to figure it out, why his attitude is bad ?is it for everyone or only you?if you find some of your mistakes then try to solve it.but if you find he is still the same personality,then he no longer needs respectfulness. don't respect elders,respect their behavior.go to him and talk to him faithfully ask him why is he treating you all in a odd way.if he denies to answer then kindly resign from that organisation and go to another one.a person is known for his self respect.a place where you don't get your respect,then no need of staying there.be bold and have faith yourself that you can have the best in the opportunities knocks the door once so,have it and move forward.

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    Re: What steps to take if Manager treats employee badly?

    Hello friend..,

    Self respect is very important for oneself. If you feel you are neglected in any way or you are not treated properly, you should not tolerate it any more . You know you are always sincere towards your work but then also you are scolded for no reason. This is obviously not correct. You try to investigate into the matter and find the reason why your manager behaves in such a way. Or else you directly go and ask for the reason he scolds you next time. If he again behaves in an rude manner , you should not hesitate to give your resignation letter.
    Non-materialistic things are equally important in life as the materialistic ones.
    Good luck

    Thank You.

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