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    What steps I should take if I didnít get the joining letter still?

    Itís been almost 5 months since I have got the offer from the company but still I didnít received the joining letter still which suppose to come in 2 months time. What can I do now? I really need to change my company but I am just waiting to get this first before trying for the next company. Please give me good suggestions of what can be done next for this.

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    Re: What steps I should take if I didnít get the joining letter still?

    I understand your problem of not receiving the joining letter as this must be an impatient wait for you. It gets difficult to wait during such times. Well you will have to take a few steps in this situation. First of all you should send an email at the company's address and better still if you send an email to the Human Resource Department then it would be better for you as this department of every company looks after hiring new people. You can await the response of the company via email for 5 days. Incase you dont receive a reply by that time then you can make a phone call to the company and tell your situtation. In your mail mention the date on which the company offered you the job. Also mention whether it was an on campus placement or off campus.

    Incase nothing materializes from your mail or telephone call then you will have to visit the company and first meet the people in the human resource department. Incase you do not receive a satisfactory reply from them you can meet the owner/ head of the company and explain your situation. Tell them how they had said that they would send the offer letter within 2 months and you haven't received one from the past 5 months. Be polite yet firm in your talks with them. Mention that you have been waiting for the letter for long and you are anticipating a decision from their side as soon as possible.

    Your last resort can be to forget about the company and the offer that it made to you and look for a new job. One advise to you is that you should not leave your current job unless you have an offer letter of a new job in your hand. These days it is very difficult to get a good job so you should stick to what you have unless you find something better. I hope your problem gets sorted out and you get a job of your choice. All the best.

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    Re: What steps I should take if I didnít get the joining letter still?

    hello aspirantYour waiting time has passed so thinking about is obviously a concern matter.In company HR management do a practical on candidates incase choosing best candidate who has good knowledge of working excellent personality good academic records etc.So they give maximum time to selected candidate to serving joining letter.In this notice period they also conduct other interviews also.If deserve candidate founds then they ignore past candidate who has gotten place.So you should communicate to concerned company through email, phone calls or can visit personally if you get time to it.Be remember that you should have all records of selection's proof with date ,time,venue etc.I hope you will get definitely solution of this problem.all the best

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    Re: What steps I should take if I didnít get the joining letter still?

    hello friends..

    1)first of all,mail to HR in that company

    2)he will not responds may be he busy with any work

    3)call to him and ask why you are not getting the joining letter

    4)he will explain clearly why they are not provide and when they will provide the joining letter

    5)do not be panic surely they will issue the joining letter to you but it may take time

    best of luck

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