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    What skill sets are common for all the jobs in the world?

    There should be some skill set which is required for taking up the professional job. Can you please list me down that skill set which is more important? How to make sure we will excel in those skill sets? Thank you.

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    Re: What skill sets are common for all the jobs in the world?

    In the professional field , there are a few skll set which are helpful and used everywhere .

    • One should develope communication skills , should have solid command over the language
    • Should have a sound technical back ground (if any).
    • Good foundation (base) in his field of expertise
    • Confident and should be able to convince people of his ideas .

    • Should have good management skills and should have clarity of thoughts .
    • Should be able to perform in a state of panic / emergency .
    • General awareness is also important .

    Hope you are convinced with the reply and develope these skill sets .
    Thank you !

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