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    What should I do if the tax return is not processed?

    I have done with the tax return process long before and I was said that I will be receiving a mail once it getís processed but till now I didnít any receive mail and they have not processed it. What should I do now? Can you please tell me what can be done now?

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    Re: What should I do if the tax return is not processed?

    dear questioner you mentioned here if the tax return is not processed at the time of your need what you will do?

    According to your statement you did not get mail from income tax department whether they have received you itr or accepted.well whenever you do e-filing then computer jenerated copy you will get and within 3 months you will get mail from i.tax department.so,your purpose will be served by producing e-mailing copy as it is valid and if you do signature on it it is acceptable by any govt official.

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