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    What should be done for setting up a company?

    I have been working in public sector company for the past 20 years.I had a dream of opening a company. Now I want to fulfil my dream as I have good sum to invest for my company. Can you please help me by suggesting how to set up a company in India. What are the requirements and what should be done?

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    Re: What should be done for setting up a company?


    I wish your dreams get fulfilled soon.But you have not mentioned what sort of company you want to open.You should have mentioned it,otherwise it is very difficult to suggest you anything.Since you have not mentioned,I am just giving you some simple suggestions that you will help you-

    1.You will require land for constructing your factory and office
    2.You yourself can be the proprietor of your company or open it up in partnership with anyone
    3.Huge capital investment
    4.Staff recruitment
    5.You can take bank loan if required
    6.purchasing good machinery for your factory
    7.Recruiting efficient management for inspection of work
    8.transporting facilities
    9.Registering your firm under govt

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