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    What should be done if employee asked to change her partner for a foreign tour?

    I am the manager of a private company. Recently the higher authority had given me the responsibility to choose the best two employees for foreign tour inorder to meet certain clients. I had chosen two employees. But now,one of them is telling that she cannot go with the other employee as she does not have good relation with him. Hence she asked for a change of partner. What should I do? Both of them are the best in my company.

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    Re: What should be done if employee asked to change her partner for a foreign tour?

    This is a serious problem because any wrong step can bring a downfall in the goodwill of the company.It can also lead to negative results in the work assigned.So you must be careful and try to be just and calm in solving this matter.It is of no use to send the employees who lack in team work since they have to meet the clients who are important for your company.

    -First talk individually with both of them.
    -Try to know the cause that is interfering in their professional work.
    -Then sit for a meeting with both of them.
    -Try to solve their grudges against each other and come to a mutual understanding.
    -Explain the importance of this tour and their requirement by the company.
    -Boost them by stating their qualities which can be perfect match to each other.
    -Request them to forget everything and begin a new journey.
    -If still the problem is not solved,choose the best one among them and another employee who can complement him/her.It will be fair to select the employee who has not requested to change partner.Take a decision thinking about the good results of the foreign tour.

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    Re: What should be done if employee asked to change her partner for a foreign tour?

    Hi aspirant

    I think you should stick to your decision and do not give in to the unnecessary demands of your employee. Make her realise that what she is asking for is not justified at all as you want the two best and deserving employees to represent your company and now after much discussion with the other offcials you have finally shortlisted the two of them . If she wants to get the other person changed just because she is not on good terms with him, then it will not be done as it will be unjust for him if he does not get this chance.

    So you call her to your office and tell her that your decision is final and irrevocable. If she wants to get that employee changed, then she herself would have to opt out as you are not going to change your decision. So if she wants to opt out then she should tell you soon as you would then have to choose someone else. But according to you she should try to make up with him and atleast be on friendly terms with him during this trip.

    I am sure the female employee would certainly hate the idea of being left out of the foreign tour and she will not insist for changing her partner anymore. In this your problem will be solved and you will get the two best candidates for your foreign tour.

    All the best

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    Re: What should be done if employee asked to change her partner for a foreign tour?

    This is usually a major problem mainly because every improper move will bring some sort of pitfall within the a positive manner on the company.It can also cause unfavorable brings about the job assigned.So you have to be aware trying to become just simply and relaxed within handling this specific matter.It can be not good to send out your workers whom lack within team performance due to the fact they must meet the clientele that happen to be very important to your own company.

    1st discuss on their own by using both them.
    Look at to know the source that may be interfering inside their skilled work.
    Subsequently take some sort of choosing both them.
    Look at to solve their grudges towards the other and come to the reciprocal understanding.
    Demonstrate the value of this specific excursion as well as their prerequisite because of the company.
    Raise these individuals through expressing their characteristics that is perfect match to every single other.
    Request the crooks to forget about all and find a brand new journey.
    If perhaps still the issue is not sorted out,pick the best a person one of them and another worker that can supplement him/her.It will probably be truthful to decide on the employee whom has never inquired to alter partner.Take a call for the great results on the dangerous tour.
    There's no doubt that you ought to stick to your needs choice , nor allow on the needless demands of this employee. Generate your ex comprehend in which just what exactly she's looking for will not be normal in the least as you would like each ideal and acceptable workforce to symbolize your organization and already following much dialogue together with the additional offcials you might have last but not least shortlisted the two of them.If perhaps she would like to achieve the body else changed because she's this is not on excellent terms by using your pet, next additionally done since will probably be not fair pertaining to your pet if this individual doesn't get this specific chance.

    Therefore you contact your ex to your business and tell her that your particular choice can be remaining and irrevocable. If perhaps she would like to get that worker changed, next the girl herself will have to opt outside when you will never improve your decision. If she would like to opt outside next the girl should explain in the near future since you'd probably next should pick another person else. Yet relating back the girl need to try to make up by using your pet and at least become for helpful terms by using your pet in this trip.

    I am sure the female worker would definitely dislike the idea of becoming eventually left out of your dangerous excursion and she will never insist pertaining to shifting your ex associate anymore. During this your complaint will probably be sorted out and you will obtain each ideal job hopefuls for the dangerous tour.

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