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    What should be done to get a higher salary job during campus placement in college?

    I am doing MBA course from a private institute of Kolkata. Next year many companies will come for campus placement. I want to know what should be done to get a high salaried job apart from keeping good academic record.

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    Re: What should be done to get a higher salary job during campus placement in college?

    Hi buddy

    Getting a high salaried job is everyone's dream and you should certainly be passionate enough to achieve your goal. Ya ofcourse as you said, good academic record will certainly help you a long way in getting a good and high salaried job. But other than that if you have some other qualities then you certainly have an edge over the others while getting the job.

    First of all improve your communication skills as that is the best way to impress your interviewer by the clarity and fluency in your speech. If you already have good communication and english speaking skills then its ok but if not try to improve them as much as you can. You may have enough knowledge but to bring that forward in front of the interviewer requires good communication skills.

    Then have good general knowledge especially about the current affairs and the current hot topics like corruption, population explosion, female safety etc. Read newspapers daily.

    Dress properly during the interview and wear formal clothes. Comb your hair neatly and polish your shoes.

    Also try to take up some extra course like a computer language, a foreign language etc so that you make your resume more appealing and more valuable. Also get your resume made from a professional.

    These tips will surely help you to get a good and high salaried job. Good luck and God Bless

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