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    What to say in review interview?

    Our company has launched a new policy that every worker will have a review interview before the appraisal. What will we be asked in a review interview or do we have to just go and listen to our review. Has anyone else faced a review interview?

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    Re: What to say in review interview?


    This is not new...don't worry you will not be fired at the review...

    Be prepare regarding the jobs you have doen for the last whole year...
    What was your target and what you have achieved
    How many times you have been recognised during the last financial year under review
    How many mistakes you have done
    What are your additional achievements other than the KRA set
    Actual Vs KRA
    What type of trainings you have taken and what type of training s are required....

    etc etc.... what yiu have to do before going there is to prepare your self and don't be afraid... they will not fire in case you can't speak well. They have all the data with them...hence don't lie... tell the truth...
    Good luck...

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    Re: What to say in review interview?

    This is a very important process in performance appraisal process.

    A performance appraisal interview/ review interview is part of performance appraisal process which involves a sort of face to face discussion between the

    employee and his/her manager.

    In this process all aspects of the employee’s performance is seen, the process can vary from company to company.

    Through this process an employee gets a chance to defend himself against any under-evaluation by the manager/boss and also gives the manager/boss a

    chance to explain what he thinks about the employee’s performance and why he thinks like that.

    So by doing this the employee gets a clear picture of his performance and thus also not thinks of any biasing as the reason for the decision about his

    performance is explained to him.

    By this the employee also comes to know his weakness and thus can improve the drawbacks in his performance.

    So if you know that you have committed any big mistakes or have shown an average performance than you should have a reason behind it so that you

    can defend yourself if asked about it.

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