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    What salary is given by Mini Ratna Companies to Engineers?

    sir, what is the salary of engineers in PSU? Do all PSU i.e-maharatna,miniratna,navaratna have same scale of salary? or the salary may vary? What is the salary of engineer in CPCL fresher according to pay commission do all PSU have same salary?

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    Re: What salary is given by Mini Ratna Companies to Engineers?

    Hello friend, The salary of the Engineer in the PSU varies and depends on the PSU you are joining. Moreover it also depends on the position being hired. It may vary from 6 lakh per annum to 10 lack per annum.

    NO, the maharatna, miniratna and navratna offer different pay scales. but the initial emoluments during the training period are almost same.

    Since CPCL is a subsidiary of IOCL, your perks will be according to the IOCL pay packages.

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    Re: What salary is given by Mini Ratna Companies to Engineers?


    The package for engineer in PSU varies from organization to organization.It may from 6L to 10L per annum.

    The salaries offered are different for maharatna and miniratna.

    CPCL is a subsidiary of IOCL, your salary will be according to IOCL pay norms.As a fresher don't bother about salary.

    Your interest towards this field is appreciable.Hope you get a good job.

    All the best!!

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    Re: What salary is given by Mini Ratna Companies to Engineers?

    hi friend,
    The salary is depend on the your position in company.
    every company have its special package which will be given to employ of the company.
    Mini Ratna gives 5 lakhs to 10 lakhs package for engineer which work in it.
    This salary is also depend on your work, your experience , your skills and many more which is seen by company at the of your interview.

    Maharatna,Miniratna and Navaratna have different scale of salary but the average is approximately same.
    As you are fresher then don't bother about salary you only think about your work.

    CPCL salary is depend on the IOCL.

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    Re: What salary is given by Mini Ratna Companies to Engineers?

    The salary in PSU is very good.Along with high salary,an employee also enjoys various facilities like free accomodation,transport,travel fare,free calls and internet and various incentives.So,the jobs in PSUs is very nice.No,the salary of all PSUs are not the same.Although all PSUs have almost similar basic payments for their engineers yet they differ slightly according to their status-Maharatna,Navratna and Miniratna.
    Maharatna companies give slightly higher perks and incentives in the salary of an engineer.Also they provide more facilities as compared to other PSUs.CPCL is a miniratna company.The salary of an engineer according to latest pay commission is as folllows:-

    Grade Pay Scale Designation

    A 20600-46500 Assistant Engineer / Assistant Officer / Assistant Geologist / Confidential Secretary
    B 24900-50500 Engineer / Officer / Geologist / Geophysicist / Chemist / Research Scientist / Private Secretary
    C 32900-58000 Sr. Engineer / Sr. Officer / Sr. Geologist / Sr. Geophysicist / Sr. Research Scientist / Sr. Private Secretary
    C1 32900-58000 Dy. Suptg. Engineer / Dy. Manager / Dy. Suptg. Geophysicist / Dy. Suptg. Geologist / Dy. Suptg. Medical Officer / Dy. Suptg. Chemist / Dy. Suptg. Research Scientist / Dy. Suptg. Secretarial Officer
    D 36600-62000 Suptg. Engineer / Manager / Suptg. Geologist / Suptg. Geophysicist / Suptg. Medical Officer / Suptg. Chemist / Suptg. Secretarial Officer / Asst. Company Secretary
    E 43200-66000 Dy. Chief Engineer / Sr. Manager/ Dy. Chief Medical Officer / Dy. Chief Geologist / Dy. Chief Geophysicist / Dy. Chief Chemist / Dy. Chief Research Scientist / Dy. Company Secretary
    F 43200-66000 Chief Engineer / Chief Manager / Chief Medical Officer / Chief Geologist / Chief Geophysicist / Chief Chemist / Chief Research Scientist / Company Secretary
    G 51300-73000 Head / Dy. General Manager
    H 51300-73000 General Manager / Group General Manager
    I 62000-80000 Executive Director

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