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    What is the role of strategic control in marketing?

    I am one of the newly promoted official in the marketing management of my company. Our leader has stressed upon strategic control in the marketing sector. So I want to know what is the role of strategic control in marketing. How can it help a professional organization?

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    Re: What is the role of strategic control in marketing?

    the role of strategic control in marketing is..
    The various marketing efforts made by an organisation on advertising, sales promotion, distribution etc. must be evaluated to know whether such efforts have been effective at all or not. Strategic control is one such type of marketing control system which companies use to assess their marketing activities. It helps to match the organisations marketing strategies with that of the market needs and demands. On account of the rapidly changing market environment and the changing demands, preferences, habits and lifestyle of the consumers, the organisation needs to adapt itself to such changes if it is to survive and continue its business in such environment. For this purpose, the marketing strategies and programs must be reviewed from time to time. This can be achieved via marketing audit system which is a part of marketing control.........

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