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    What are the positive and negative gestures in a GD?

    I am a pre-final year management candidate. From next year onwards I will sit for various recruitment process. I am quite nervous about GD. SO I want to know which gestures are considered as positive and which ones are considered as negative. Please help me.

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    Re: What are the positive and negative gestures in a GD?


    Friend , In GD there are many thing on which you should focus and the main thing is that your confidence. This matters a lot and here are some point according to your question and follow it , it will help you in GD.

    Negative gesture:--

    1. Shaking your legs.
    2. Not having a eye contact.
    3. Chewing your pen/pencil.
    4. lack of listening skills.
    5. Cross legs.

    Positive gesture:-

    1. Eye contact.
    2. Sit straightly.
    3. Listening others.

    and just remove the negative thing you will have all positive. Follow these things and be confident for any GD.

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