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    What is the need of extra curricular activities?

    I am doing engineering course. I am very good at studies and have a CGPA of above 9.5 till now. I am quite inactive in extracurricular activities. Most of my friends tell me to take part in extracurricular activities. I want to know what is the need of extracurricular activities. Please help.

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    Re: What is the need of extra curricular activities?

    You got good cgpa ,9.5 is very good score.I think Studies are more important and also Extracurricular activities play an important role in student life not only student life it is every where important.Extracurricular activities gives practical knowledge and experience.It helps to buildup leadership qualities and give experience to work with different people and increases confidence levels.with studies you have to improve communication skills,leadership qualities dealing with different people,explain your ideas and thoughts without feeling shy in group.This skills you can gain in extracurricular activities and also it is help full to overcome stage fear,nervous.

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    Re: What is the need of extra curricular activities?

    Hi buddy

    Extra curricular activities will certainly help you to go places in your future and will definitely be the backbone of your career. Also they will freshen your mind and make you more active.You may have definitely heard of the saying "All work and no play make Jack a dull boy." So if you just keep on studying and don't take active part in such extracurricular activities , they will certainly harm your future and you will then surely repent that you didn't participate in them when your friends advised you to do so.

    Your friends are certainly giving you the right advice and you should definitely take part in as many extra curricular activities as you can. also the biggest plus point is that they will help you in getting a good job and give you an edge over others in the interview. If you mention these in your resume along with the certificates you receive for them , then your resume will certainly become more impressive. Its good that you have such a high CGPA but if you have both, then you will certainly be at more advantage.

    I hope you get my point. Good luck for your future.

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    Re: What is the need of extra curricular activities?


    Extra curricular activities plays a major role in shaping his or her chracter, career and his/her views to the society
    as a whole. We are part and parcel of our society. To be a part of a community we need to kanow certain qualities

    1. Singing.
    2. Dancing.
    3. Playing musical instrument.
    4. Painting.
    5. Sprots.
    6. Writing.
    7. Quizing.
    8. Debating etc.

    These are some extra curricular activities you should know in order to excel in your professional
    and social career. Academic marks should not be the ultimate aim in your like you should excel
    in all direction to be a succesfull professional. Start participating in any of the activites and see
    how it will change your perception and life. Be a all square!


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    Re: What is the need of extra curricular activities?

    Hello,Nowadayz the company which will recruit their new employees by campus selection or any other way of selection will just not focus on the academic marks..In the present world if we are good in academics is not just enough..By involving ourselves in other activities will give us the smartness to survive in this present competitive world..By being bookish all following everything which is given in the book will not help to tackle some of the problems which arise in our day to day life..It should be delt by our experience and smartness..Extra curiculum activities will help us to be fit both mentally and physically..So do participate in other activities also..All the best..

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