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    What is meant by In House Marketing/Sales?

    I have an experience of 5 years in sales as a female candidate. I was always appointed as in house sales executive or as in house marketing manager but I was always asked to travel more or less now and then. So, please make me clear that according to HR norms are there any strict rules for in house sales/marketing and that too especially for females?

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    Re: What is meant by In House Marketing/Sales?


    The norms are varying company to company... however as you have said, inhouse marketing is done for inhouse employees ie. within the company....You have to understand the employees first...their requirement...their behaviour...their needs etc...

    It is not that inhouse marketing should be done by female candidate only....it can be done by male candidates as well.

    If you want to travel more and you are not giving that opportunities, then you can have a word with your seniors and they only can decide regarding your job profile...

    HR can also help in this regard to highlight the issue you faced...

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