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    What is the maximum time required to complete PhD?

    I have finished my M.A in History and I want to do my PHD in that. What are the ways to get into PHD? How much time it takes to complete? Do we need any work experience to do this PHD or only Post graduation degree is enough? Can anybody help me in getting this information?

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    Re: What is the maximum time required to complete PhD?


    --Yup you are Eligible to do any PhD--

    :~:Eligibility Criteria For Pursuing PhD:~:

    ::B.E/B.Tech/M.E/M.S.C.Engineering/M.Tech in any Branch of Engineering::

    ::M.S.C from the Reputed Institute is Must::

    ::Mostly Candidates with Excellent Academic Records & Experience in Information Technology is preferred::

    ::Freshers in Engineering should have Exceptional & Valid GATE Score for the Calendar year::

    ::The Total duration of PhD varies on the Course form 2-4years or 5-7years or even 7-8 years::

    :!:Read Out The PDF Attached with this For More Info:!:

    :: :: ALL THE BEST :: ::

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    Re: What is the maximum time required to complete PhD?

    For PHD programmes in any university you ahve to snit in the written test conducted by the university
    If you clear the written test than you will be called for the interview

    If you clear the interview than you will get a seat for PHD in that university or college

    PHD can be completed in min 2 years and max 5 years

    If you have scored more than 555 marks than you shopuld also appear in the UGC NET exams
    Next UGC NET exams will be held in dec 2012

    IF you clear the UGC net exam you will be eligible for lecturer jobs in universities and colleges

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    Re: What is the maximum time required to complete PhD?


    You doing graduation and after you apply so mostly phd time 2 year and

    You give exam and then after crack exam you get a seat in that PH.D colg

    so after finish ph.d degree you give UGC exam and after clear you get a

    lecturer job in colg .You complete after graduation and master degree after

    phd 2 year and after graduation 5 years .All the best you doing ph.d ...


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    Re: What is the maximum time required to complete PhD?


    I've heard of a few very people getting a Ph.D. in 2 1/2 years. . . but they also had a master's degree first. The norm in my field is 4-5 if you already have a master's (usually 1 1/2-3 years) and 5-7 without one. If things perpetually keep going wrong or you have some other issues to deal with, that 4-5 I mentioned if you already have a master's can definitely be 8-10. . . I've known a few people over the years that's happened to. No, it had nothing to do with their work ethic in any case -- it was a Murphy's Law situation.

    If you're talking about going straight from a bachelor's to a Ph.D., you have to factor in that you have a bunch of graduate-level classes you'll need to take -- it's probably going to be at least 60-70 hours if it's like anywhere I've been. Full-time is generally 9 hours in grad school, and I've never really seen anyone take more than 12 hours -- 9, really, is often plenty of work given than you're probably also trying to do some research and might well have some teaching duties as well to manage. You're probably doing the same research project the entire time that way as opposed to someone doing both a master's and a Ph.D. project, but the course requirements are still the same. . . you can bring in courses from a master's for a Ph.D., usually, so all isn't quite lost if you go that route.


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    Re: What is the maximum time required to complete PhD?

    Hello friend,
    The PhD will be completed from 2-6 years of study in this course you have to pursue your

    research i.e. if you publish your research in the given time you are given with a graduate


    You can also do PhD in distant education while you are working.

    If you are able to submit your research after 2 years of your study then you are awarded

    with a degree there itself.

    This also may depend on the university under which you are doing your PhD.

    Thanking you,

    Hope you found information useful.

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