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    What are the Legal obligations in appointing Casual Labor?

    I am working in a private company, I am thinking to appoint Casual employees for a short period in our company. I want to know that what are the legal obligations for appointing casual employees for a short period.

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    Re: What are the Legal obligations in appointing Casual Labor?

    Casual labours are labourer who do verities of service and they are appointed for a shorted period of time say one day, one week, or one or two months. There is no law that the casual works are not the workers of the employer. The casual workers are also the workers of the employer. They will get benefits as that of normal workers. Following are the commonly used casual labours

    1. Part Time worker

    2. Temporary worker

    3. Trainee worker

    4. Probation worker

    5. Day labourer

    6. Out side labourer.

    No harm will be caused to you by appointing a casual labour if the job for which you are appointing them is not a regular in nature and it should not extend to a period of 240 days. As per the latest order of the high court of Madras it was held that if an employee has worked in an establishment for more than 24o days then he as to be given a status of a permanent worker. If an employee become a permanent worker then as per section 25 F of the Industrial disputes Act he cannot be terminated illegally and he has to be given retrenchment compensation. So you should not made an casual employee to work for more than a period of 240 Days.

    While you are giving the appointment letter to the casual labour you should make the period of service has a for a certain period and the nature of the job of the casual labour and the permanent labourer should not be same. And if such certain period is mentioned then you can terminate the casual labour without any notice. If your company comes under ESI and PF then the casual labour should also be entered in the under the scheme.

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