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    What legal action can be taken against employee who violated the undertaking norms?

    I work in a MNC and I am a core member of the management of our company. Recently it has come to our notice that an employee has violated the undertaking norms by repeating the same mistake. What action can be taken against that employee in order to maintain the administration proper?

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    Re: What legal action can be taken against employee who violated the undertaking norms?

    Hi friend

    You should definitely take some action against that employee who has repeated the same mistake again and has broken the rules of your company even after your warning him about the same.You should definitely punish him as you have already given him another chance and thus he should not have let it go by his irresponsibility. He should definitely realise that he has committed some grave mistake and thus should serve his punishment for the same.

    Now friend you can give him some punishment according to what sort of mistake he has committed and thus according to the rules and regulations of your company. So you can punish him acording to the rules of your company based on what type of mistake he has done. If its a very serious mistake indeed then you should definitely file a lawsuit against him so that he never repeats such a thing again.

    So friend, if he has damaged the reputation of your company or your company has undergone some loss due to his actions, then you should definitely drag him to the court and thus get him his deserved punishment.But if he has done something less severe then you should not take him to court as that can completely destroy his career. Then you should ask himm for a compensation according to what he has done or can even terminate him from his job.

    so friend take the necessary action as you think is befitting for his mistake and also think about his future when deciding such a punishment. I know that he has broken your undertaking norms, but then also you should give a little thought to his future before deciding on his punishment. I hope you take ther ight decision which will make him realise the gravity of his mistake and also it will make his future bright as he will surely never repeat it again.

    I hope you understand my point friend. Good luck

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