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    What are the job availability for Flex programmer?

    I have quite good knowledge on Flex programming but it’s very rare to get the job availability for it. So can you please provide me all the information about it? What are the job available if I know Flex programming? Please give me the information soon.

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    Re: What are the job availability for Flex programmer?


    Details about a Jobs Availability for Flex programmer :
    There are various jobs Availability for Flex Programmer and company has a leader in Networking and Internet system .They contribute a important services to educational institutes and other business sector .

    If you are software engineer with working capability in JAVA and Flex Programmer then you can apply for jobs and implementation of new technologies in technology sector and ability to work in teams with fast and punctual .

    You should have good skills of JAVA Programmer and working experience with Tomcat .

    For this jobs you should have minimum of 5-10 years of experience and if you are graduation degree holder then you can apply for software analysis and network server system .

    They offer a salary package of 20,000 Rs. to the 40,000 Rs. and for this job there are total 45 positions are available .

    For more information about a Jobs availability for Flex Programmer you have to visit to the official website are following as :


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    Re: What are the job availability for Flex programmer?

    You can get the job in the flex programmer but the most things required is that you should have good catching power and knowledge in the java 7 advance Java. You can also do the CISCO networking courses from this company and can also become the network engineer.

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    Re: What are the job availability for Flex programmer?

    Hi friends,
    Hope you are in good health and good state of mind!
    It's always a treat and fun to answer your queries.
    I also appreciate the confidence that you have shown in us!

    1)flex programmer jobs are:

    2)apply java programmer as software

    3)as flex programmer

    4)as software analysis

    5)as network server system

    6)as web designer

    all the best

    I hope I have answered all your doubts.
    It was a pleasure answering your queries.
    Hope that you'll come up with some more challenging queries!
    Till then,take care.

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