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    What is industrial D.A.? What is the actual value of it?

    I am working in a paper mill industry. I want to know the detail knowledge about industrial D.A. On what it is based upon? Is it varies as per city or state? Is it true that the figure of industrial DA is 56%?

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    Re: What is industrial D.A.? What is the actual value of it?

    Re: What is industrial D.A? What is the actual value of it?

    Hi friends,

    Industrial D.A : - "Dearness Allowance".

    Normally DA is paid in all government organizations and private organizations .
    It is depends on the particular area and industrial sector.

    Yes is true industrial DA is 56%.
    Mainly you can extra payment in your salary purpose of DA.
    You can extra duty and you collect the special Allowance.

    So i think this post helpful for you .


    GOOD LUCK...................

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