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    What if newcomers didnít get appraisal?

    During annual appraisal, all employees are supposed to write a self-evaluation report. Bosses had written evaluation reports inaccurately which has portrayed newcomers in poor light. Please suggest me a way to fix this situation technically.

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    Re: What if newcomers didnít get appraisal?

    Hi aspirants

    In case your boss is responsible for this situation, then you should not worry and just go and talk to him. If your boss has written your evaluation report inaccurately due to which you haven't got your promotion then you should definitely take action in this matter and speak to your boss regarding it. If you have been potrayed in poor light then maybe there is really some fault in your personality due to which your boss has not assessed you in a good way. You should get this cleared from him and then only take action in this regard.

    Tell your boss that he has written you off in your evaluation report due to which you didn't get your apraisal. You are here to discuss your shortcomings with him so that you can improve yourself in the future and thus get a good appraisal. and if your boss is guilty he wont be able to p[oint out your shortcomings . so at that time you can jump at him and tell him that maybe he has assessed you incorrectly and thus hope you will get your appraisal after re-assesment from his side. It is the matter of your career and thus you hope he will do whatever he can to help you out.

    I am sure your boss will help you out as he will realise his mistake. Good luck

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