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    What is a freelancer job?

    Recently I have heard a word, people working as FREELENCER in different kind of projects. Please briefly explain me that what are these freelancer jobs actually and what its nature is. Can a person really grow if he chooses his/her carer in the same field?

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    Re: What is a freelancer job?


    A freelancer is a self employed person and does not associate with any company for a long term contract..it is like a contratual employees who are bind by the terms of contract agreed between the company and the freelancer.

    A freelancer can explore their capability in different way as they likes... now a days freelancing jobs are very popular...
    They tood their own way to serve the job...

    They can work for more than one employer at a same time...they can work from anywhere...but obiviously it depends on the nature of job.

    There are other benefits of freelancing jobs...

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