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    What exactly does evaluating a job offer mean?

    I have received a job offer from Tech Mahindra with a footnote from the manager that I should evaluate the job offer and reply to them in a week. Since this is my first job offer I donít know what evaluating the job means as I have nothing to compare it with. Can anybody please guide me on this?

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    Re: What exactly does evaluating a job offer mean?

    Hi aspirant

    First of all Congratulations for your job offer. Now I would like to tell you that there are many things you have to look for while evaluating your job offer and these are the things which will decide your future in the company. So first of all while evaluating a job offer, you should see that whether the post you have been offered suits you or not. If the post suits you then its good otherwise you can reject the same. Then you have to look at your salary. Check whether the salary is a s you desire and will it be enough to suit your daily needs. Also see whether the salary is negotiable or not. Then check whether there is any facility of regular increments in salary.

    Then we come to some of the most important aspects of your job- i.e. growth opportunities, work environment and the behaviour of the managemnt towards its employee. If you are positive about all these things then you should have no problem in accepting the job offer. Also see whether there is a bond associated with this job and if so how much duration is it. Then also check the perks provided to the employees. If all the perks that you desire like medical reimbursement, travel allowance, PF etc are there then you should have no hesitation in choosing this job.

    Growth is very important for the long term security of your job. So lay more stress on it. Also consult the present or ex-employees of the company to get more in-depth details.

    I hope you get the best out of this job and have a bright future. All the best

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    Re: What exactly does evaluating a job offer mean?

    Congratulations dear you have received a job offer from Tech Mahindra and dear if you wants to evaluate the job then you should have enough knowledge about that job and designation and the current criteria of that company means if you are going to get any job then first of all you should see the profile of that company weather that company is good or not and if the turn over and the profile and financial statuses are good according to the current market then you should get that then see that for which post you are being appointed means if you are going to be appointed for this post of Analyst/Assistant Manager/Manager/Front Office Executive/Sales Officer etc. then it is good but if you are being appointed for any other jobs as field working/Computer Typing etc. then you should think about it and are they providing enough salary according to the position which you are going to get and if yes then accept that but dear for your experience, you should go to the branch of that company and do not contact to the manager or any other senior officer but you should ask from those candidates who are on lower position in that company as - DEO/Executive and they would tell you and share their experience in that company and ask them about the atmosphere and behavior of the senior officers and managers and if everything is all right then you may join that company

    All the best

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    Re: What exactly does evaluating a job offer mean?


    Evaluating a job offer means that you must access your job offer.
    You must identify and accept the offer made to you.
    Company want to know that you had read all terms and condition and want to join the job.
    You must not have any doubt related to company and your post.
    If having doubt have a query and solve it.


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