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    What is EPFO and what is its significance?

    I am an established contractor in NALCO. I am always up to date regarding the payment of workers. I always take any job after the work order is provided to me. I always get my payment after providing the bill and worker payment sheet. But this time site in charge is not passing my bill and asking for EPFO deposits. Give the details about EPFO?

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    Re: What is EPFO and what is its significance?

    Hello Friend,

    EPFO stands for Employees Provident Fund Organization. It is a statutory body of
    Goverment of India. It administers a compulsory contributory Provident Fund Scheme,
    Insurance Scheme and Pension Scheme.

    You have to submit the deposit to the Employees Providend Fund through online fund
    transfer. You should visit EPFO wesites for furthar details.


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    Re: What is EPFO and what is its significance?

    EPFO is Employees Provident Fund Organization which administers the PF scheme on behalf of the Employers. Each organization which is registered with the the EPFO if given a registration number and each employee has his own PF number within that organization. When you want to track the amount deposited in your PF account, you have to track it through this registration number. Please ask your site in-charge to tell you about this number and use the same to track your PF deposits.
    Hope this information may help you. Regards

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    Re: What is EPFO and what is its significance?

    epfo means employees provident fund organisation it is a constitutional body under the control and statutory body of government of india which comes under the ministry of labour and employment.. It’s a compulsory scheme for every employee irrespective of government employee or a private employee ..its compulsory to employee to get an pf fund contributed by the employee ‘s salary a part of salary from a private/ or government employee is deducted and its kept aside in form of insurance or pension scheme for the benefit of an employee.. The reason is that government gives security and controls the spending costs of a particular employee whenever he leaves job then he would be given his pf amount back as he is responsible for the amount that he has saved it indirectly as government scheme applies from his salary for example if an employee is government employee when he retires from service he would be pension from pf amount + interest from government after retirement monthly… when an employee is private employee he would be given whole amount in form of demand drafts from bank..epfo is largest social security organisation in india and covers the financial transactions and covered health beneficiaries of an employee..

    It was founded in 4th march 1952 has headquarters in new delhi has important role of rendering provident fund, pension and insurance services the decision making and policy makers are done by apex board of central board members of trustee there would be an minister to administer the board members cbt.. The key people were k.k. Jalan ,central pmo office ias officers central pf officers and chairman of pf cbt commissioners..
    The functionary of epfo is controlled and operated by union minister of labour and employment and ceo of the epfo reports through the principle secretary of the labour and employment ministry..
    The epfo has dual functionary and dual characteristics of law enforcement to monitor the implementation of the pf transfer and also the pension scheme for retired government employees..the commissioner of the epfo has the massive power and authority to monitor and order an inquiry for files and records of all central government employees.. He enjoys judicial support in seizure of any irregularity and he has a say in enforcement directive and also if he finds any irregularity he may force to attach properties of an individual..

    The total member employed in epfo are about 20000 employees.. There are about 815 ias cadre under central leadership through upsc commission .. There are about enforcement officers to check whether fund is used with law enforcement directive.. Epfo is co- monitored by state government chief minister is accounted for the responsibility for epfo benefits that should be regulated with immediate effect under

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