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    What does it mean by ITIN number while paying tax?

    I want to know what it means by the ITIN number while we are giving the tax return? Is it something related to our professional job? or itís something else? Please provide me the full information. Thanks.

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    Re: What does it mean by ITIN number while paying tax?

    hai sir.....................

    it is the individual tax identification number..............
    sir,if you have pancard................
    do the steps what i say................
    >open the pancard...........
    >in the downside of pancard there is a number which is the ITIN number for paying tax you should say this number only..............
    >by saying only they know that you only paying the tax
    if you nat have pancard.............
    apply now.............
    thank you

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    Re: What does it mean by ITIN number while paying tax?

    it is individual tax identification number is a tax processing number issued by the internal revenue service.it is a nine digit number starting with 9. these are for federal tax reporting only.IRS issues ITINs to help individuals comply with U.S tax laws. and to provide a means to efficiently process and account for tax return and payments for those not eligible for Social Security Number (SSNs).


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    Re: What does it mean by ITIN number while paying tax?

    ITIN - Individual taxpayer Identification Number.It is one of the tax processing number
    ITIN are issued by Internal revenue service.While ITIN generated , income tax return with application is attached.
    It involves biographical information , Income tax return information , valid ID.
    when you go for pay tax , you can take suggestion of agent and with the help of agent , your process will become more easy and fast and you have to pay some money to agent for his helping.
    ITIN also can be issued for your spouse or dependent if you have validate proof and ID
    If you don't have SSN(Social security number) and require the tax identification number ,then you can apply for ITIN.

    Process to get IITN

    If you want to apply for ITIN , then you have to fill W-7 form with attachment of valid proof and document and tax return.you can apply for ITIN once in year.
    After applying ITIN , if your application will complete and issue ,then IRS will send letter with ITIN within 6 week.

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    Re: What does it mean by ITIN number while paying tax?

    ITIN means Income Tax Identification No.This no is alloted to every tax payer.In the pan card this no is written.It is mandatory for all Tax Payers to hold PAN CARD through this card Tax payer can pay tax every tax payer has the ITIN and it is available in the individual's Pan Card.Every tax payers details are available through this no, a person/Tax payer can log in to see his/her tax details paid to Income Tax department year wise.

    Thank you,

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