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    What to do when your cousin, who is a senior employee in the same company, is not ready to help you in your work?

    I am working in a MNC. One of my cousins works in the same company and is senior to me. He is very good to me whenever we meet at my home but whenever I ask for his help at work, he never helps me. I canít understand this strange behaviour. What can be done in such a situation?

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    Re: What to do when your cousin, who is a senior employee in the same company, is not ready to help you in your work?

    Hi Dear,

    Independence and self-reliance are the two qualities that can change the character of an individual
    . So instead of depending on others, learn to be independent and self-reliant in every field. Your work is your work and should be done by only you because if you keep on depending on your friends and family, you will never evolve into a confident and accomplished person.

    In addition, try developing the skills and the strength to face and resolve your problems because whether or not your problems are your fault but solving them is entirely your responsibility.

    Henceforth, decide to take more charge of your life and never look at your friends and family for any sort of help regarding any work. Shrug off self doubts and believe in yourself and take up your responsibilities with courage.

    Remember that God helps those who help themselves. So if you do your work, God will also help you but if you leave your work on others, God will also take a back seat.


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    Re: What to do when your cousin, who is a senior employee in the same company, is not ready to help you in your work?

    Dear this is very good behavior being shown by him during to work because he is senior and want you on the same position after working hard in the company and his current behavior generated in him because he did not get help of anyone in his work that is why he believe that no one should ask for help from anyone in the office and when company has appointed you to complete your all responsibilities then you should complete on time and I am in favor of him that he is not supporting you in office and his behavior will make you good at this place because you will start working yourself and feel that help should not be asked from any senior employee and earning of the image and reputation with good performance can only be done through working hard and without help

    If he is good with you outside of the office then you should not talk about the business while that because business is business and personal is personal so keep enough distance between both of these parts of life and start working hard in the company and if you want help of him then you should make it sure that you are not giving any of your responsibility to him because he know that if you will do it then you will never learn it then you can get his help and when you go then just demand only for guidance to complete the work on time according to the deadline and learn some good tricks form him so he will give you strategy to get success in business but do not give him any responsibility and you will see that he is ready to help and guide you but work will not be done by him at any cost

    All the best

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